Lunch Program FRENCH WEEK (Dec,6-Dec,12)

Product Description

With the name French Lunch we just have to add the FRENCH WEEK! 

This week French meals and other meals to warm up:

1. Quiche Lorraine (chilled) is probably the most famous of all French quiches. We add a bit of leek to the filling to make it healthier. It also contains cream. eggs, wheat flour and bacon.

2. Ratatouille with Braised Chicken (chilled). Veggies for the ratatoille come from the Mennonite small family farms and chicken as all the our lunch program meats come from grass fed animals.

3. Toulouse Sausage Casserole (chilled) with Basmati Rice is another popular comfort French meal. Delicious mix of honey&garlic sausage to make it more appealing for kids, eggplants, carrots and organic canned tomatoes.

4. Pasta with Meatballs in Rustic Tomato Sauce (frozen). Penne Italian pasta with house made tomato sauce and Greek style meatballs.

5. Beef Lasagna (frozen).  A scrumptious beef lasagna coated in housemade organic tomato sauce, with farm ground beef, two cheeses, onions, Italian herbs and spices.

6. Perogies with Chicken/Perogies with Potato&Cheddar (frozen). Perogies comes only in our standard small size (1lb) pack and are not cooked. It's better, if you cook them yourself before serving or putting into the thermos for school. It takes just 5-7 minutes to cook. You can also select other perogie fillings here.

7. Rice Pilaf with Fish&French Peas (frozen). This version of French Lunch's pilaf includes basa fillet, a great source of protein that's low in calories and high in omega-3s. The French peas provide a little extra fibre.

8. French Shephard's Pie (frozen). This is a "lazy" version of our very popular French Shephard's Pie or Hachis Parmetier, where meats are mixed with potatoes and than baked with cheese. This way it's easier to use the pie for school catering. And the farm meat it is as well.

9. Chili con Carne (frozen). Not exactly French, but so delicious! We added a French twist with our own mix of herbs and spices, and emphasized the rich grass fed beef flavour with a touch of maple syrup.

10. Chicken Noodle Soup (frozen). All time kids' favourite! Soups come in 24oz containers - one container for school/office size and two containers for hungry bear or share size.

11. Three Bean Soup (frozen). Our own recipe of this comforting soup also comes in 24oz containers.