Cream of Broccoli Soup Base

Product Description

All time favorite cream of broccoli - just add milk, cream or water and you're good to go! We use only fresh vegetables and our soup is full of summer flavor. Goes well with bacon bits, grated cheese or a fresh French baguette.


Product of French Lunch

450ml to make 900ml of soup

Ingredients: Broccoli, potato, carrot, onion, olive oil, chicken stock, water, herbs&spices, salt.

Cooking instructions: Stove top: transfer soup base to a pot and add the same amount (450ml) of milk or cream or just water.  Slowly bring to boil, adjust salt and serve. Microwave: defrost soup base first. Transfer half of the soup base into microwavable soup plate. Add equal amount of cream or milk or water, mix well. Heat on HIGH for 2 minutes.