Cream of Mushroom Soup Base

Product Description

Our thick and buttery cream of mushroom soup is perfect for chilly nights. We add a hint of wine to the mix for a richer flavour, to ensure that the soup tastes authentically French. Ours is simple and preservative-free, unlike most packaged soups. Everything's cooked and packaged in store, ready for you to eat whenever you want. 


Product of French Lunch


Ingredients: Portobello mushrooms, champignons, onion, olive oil, mushroom stock, water, white wine, chives, salt.

Cooking instructions: Stove top: transfer soup base to a pot and add the same amount (450ml) of milk or cream or just water.  Slowly bring to boil and serve. Microwave: defrost soup base first. Transfer half of the soup base into microwavable soup plate. Add equal amount of cream or milk or water, mix well. Heat on HIGH for 2 minutes.