To order French Lunch, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the product with the day for which you would like to order the lunch.
  2. Customize the meal with our dropdown menu. The main course provides meat/fish and vegetarian options and is available for $7.99. This is the minimum order you can make. Starters and desserts are $2.00 each, and the drinks are $1.50. They can be added on to the main course as you wish. The full cost of the lunch will be visible in the shopping cart only. If you do not wish any add-ons to your main course, please select no starter/no dessert/no drink. Press ADD TO CART.
  3. If you selected any of the add-ons (starter, dessert, drink), you’ll see them listed in two places in the shopping cart (listed under the French Lunch and again separately). Please, DO NOT remove any add-ons from the shopping cart, if you want to order them with your lunch. If you remove them, you’ll get the main course only.
  4. At check-out, under the COMPANY provide the STUDENT’S NAME for whom the lunch is ordered and GRADE (ex. Steve Fu, F1). Don’t forget to add your email and phone number, so that we can contact you, if we have any questions about your order.
  5. Lunch will be delivered directly to your child's school. For UTS the lunch can be picked up in Room 102 at the beginning of lunch break.

Please be sure that the order for the week is submitted by Monday (9pm) of the same week. If you have any questions, contact Nina at or (647) 500-5935. Now is the time to enjoy your French Lunch. Bon Appétit!

Order French Lunch

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