Product Description

A luxurious French stew cooked in red wine, coq au vin is a staple food in France's Provence region. It's made by marinating chicken with herbs in red wine and then simmering it in a flavorful stock with bacon, button mushrooms and pearl onions until fully cooked. They say coq au vin tastes better when it's reheated, because it needs to settle for a while before its flavors can really emerge. Which is great, because our coq au vin is frozen fresh and oven-ready! 

Product of French Lunch


This product is KETO FRIENDLY.

Ingredients: chicken, butter, bacon, button mushrooms, pearl onions, garlic, onion, gluten-free flour mix (rice flour, corn flour, potato starch), chicken broth, red wine, salt, herbs and spices.

Heating Instructions: remove plastic lid. From chilled: Microwave on HIGH for 1-2 minutes. From frozen: Microwave on HIGH for 4-5 minutes. Pairs best with boiled potatoes and fresh baguette.