5 French Macarons

Product Description

Macarons are a classic (and iconic!) French dessert of eggs, sugar, and a sweet filling of ganache, or any other jam in-between two semi-circular cookies. Interestingly enough, macarons were created by an Italian...!

Product of France

Ingredients: chocolate macaron : silicia icing sugar, almond powder, liquid egg white, dairy cream (cream, stabilizer : carrageenan), sugar, dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, powder cocoa, emulisifier : soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavor), cocoa powder, butter, aromatic caramel (glucose syrup, sugar, water), roasted malted barley flour. lemon macaron : silica icing sugar, almond powder, pasteurized liquid egg, butter, squeezed lemon, lemon zest, wheat flour, color : curcumin, water.vanilla macaron : almond powder, silica icing sugar, pasteurized liquid egg white, sugar, butter, filling (glucose-fructose syrup (wheat), sugar, water, milk powder, butter, egg yolk powder, emulsifier : mono and di glycerides of fatty acid, thickener : sodium alginate), dairy cream (cream, stabilizer : carrageenan, wheat flour, vanilla flavor (sugar syrup, distilled water, natural vanilla flavor), caramel (sugar, water), water. CONTAINS: WHEAT, SOY, EGGS, MILK, TREENUTS (ALMOND).

Thaw and serve

Take out of the freezer. Allow to defrost for 2 hours in the refrigerator.