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Top 8 Gourmet Oils, Vinegars & Mustards

Top 8 Gourmet Oils, Vinegars & Mustards

From premium black truffle & organic olive oil to stout beer mustard, there are just so many Oils, Vinegars & Mustards in our pantry to enjoy and experiment with. In this article, we present our recommendations to gourmet newbies and veterans alike. All condiments come with a 15% discount if you buy them in-store. Offer ends August 31, 2017. Don't miss out!


Black Truffle Olive Oil & White Truffle Olive Oil. Anyone desiring gourmet fare will want truffle oil in their pantry. Truffles have an earthy and uniquely pungent flavour. Dress salads, fried foods like fries and poutine, steaks, and more with truffle oil. P.S. white truffles are rarer than black truffles — surprise a gourmet lover in your life with Mussini white truffle oil!

Organic Olive Oil. This organic extra virgin olive oil from Córdoban Finca Duernas is made with hand-picked Spanish green olives. With hints of almond mixed in, it's full of antioxidants, and has a refreshingly fruity taste. A perfect fit for health-conscious individuals!

Herbs de Provence Oil. This lovely herb oil from French artisan oil company La Tourangelle is GMO-free, healthy and aromatic. Here, rosemary and thyme are infused with highly oleic sunflower oil. If you don't have fresh herbs on hand, this amazing Provencal oil will get the job done!


Páez Morilla Pedro Ximénez Sherry Vinegar. This is a nutty and aromatic vinegar has hints of aged oak in it, since sherry is fermented in oak caskets. Sherry vinegar is a gourmet staple, like truffle oil. It's also surprisingly hard to find! This variant is made with Spanish Pedro Ximénez grapes. Just one drop is enough for chicken and meat dishes, salmon, and salads.

Maple Balsamic Vinegar. If you're into gourmet, then you'll know about the latest foodie trend: balsamic reduction. This maple balsamic vinegar from Wildly Delicious is ideal for deglazing, reductions, marinades, dressings, and grilled meats. Dress BBQ kebabs and skewers with this hearty vinegar and enjoy!


Stout Beer Mustard. Wildly Delicious is back at it again with this unique beer-flavoured mustard. Mmmm. Goes amazingly well with sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, fries... insert your favourite savoury junk food here. As an aside: If you love beer you need to try our Cheddar Beer Soup!

Lemon & Chives Mustard. This mustard is tangy and lip-smackingly good. This is truly a blend made in heaven: zesty lemons meet oniony chives. You'll want to lick this off a spoon before spreading it on sandwiches! 

Triple Crunch Mustard. Kozlik's has truly outdone themselves with this harmonious mix of mustard seeds, Canadian whiskey, and honey. Not to mention, garlic and spices! Use on dinner dishes like pork roasts, duck, and seafood.

Pick up these ingredients in-store and we'll knock 15% off the original price. Which one's your favourite? Visit 187 Cross Avenue more affordable gourmet and frozen fresh gourmet meals!

Canada Day 150: BBQ Party Ideas!

Canada Day 150: BBQ Party Ideas!

Sooo. The long awaited holiday is nearly here! The 150th birthday we’ve all (well, us Canadians) been waiting for is this Saturday! How will you celebrate our country this year? Perhaps with a backyard BBQ party at a friend or family member’s house, or with your neighbours at an upcoming block party. Maybe the gathering will be more intimate, and take place indoors until nighttime, when the fun starts with a fun fireworks display at the local park!

Impress your gathering with amazing & affordable gourmet condiments from French Lunch. All of these products are easy to pack away for picnics, get-togethers and big trips across Ontario. No refrigeration necessary!

If you have a portable freezer, then grab some of our freshly-made Mediterranean meals to complement these condiments. Everything under $20! We recommend savoury pies like Tartiflette or breaded foods like Cordon Bleu. Salmon works well too! Let’s begin.

White Truffle Oil. This $10 bottle of truffle oil makes for a flavourful and versatile seasoning for all types of foods — French fries, pizza, pasta, grilled veggies & meats, fillet, poutine, burgers, and more. When in doubt, bring out the truffle oil! Impress your friends with your gourmet knowledge. One part white truffles, one part extra virgin olive oil. Product of Italy.

White Truffle Mustard. This Canadian mustard will make you drool in hunger! Combining truffles with white vinegar, wine, brown sugar, sea salt, spice and of course, mustard, your Canada Day hot dogs won’t be complete without it. But it’s not just for hot dogs. Add a dollop of the stuff to finger foods, burgers and even marinade your meats in it for that premium truffle and wine taste!

Quebec Maple Mustard. Another Canadian product (duh!), this simple maple syrup-infused mustard tastes best with meats, of course. Specifically beef, pork, and fish (like Canadian salmon). Spread it on sandwiches for that unique & natural Canadian maple sugar taste!

Maple Balsamic Vinegar. Following our maple train of thought with another Canadian product, this vinegar is balsamic, meaning that it’s a dark-coloured and sweet Italian vinegar that gets its taste from being kept in wooden containers. How’s that for authenticity? Balsamic vinegar is a great BBQ sauce you can add to grilled foods. A very gourmet technique is balsamic reduction, which involves boiling the vinegar and reducing it until it turns into a syrup. This syrup can be used as a tasty dressing for virtually any food! Put this vinegar maple syrup on your pancakes for Canada Day!

Provençal Green Olive Tapenade. This is a French sauce that brings capers, green French olives, anchovies, spices, and olive oil into an aromatic & tasteful blend to act as a spread for finger foods and snacks like sweet potato chips, plain crackers, Mediterranean breads & others. What can you come up with?

Fig, Brandy and Vanilla Compote. Make your guests exclaim in amazement with this sweet Canadian compote. Compote is a dessert similar to jam. To make compote, fruits are cooked in sugars, spices and water and seasoned with herbs. So you get a bunch of different flavours with each bite! Compote tastes great cold or hot, so preparation isn’t an issue. Serve on crackers with a slice of brie cheese and a bit of whipped cream to end your feast. You’ll be remembered fondly!

We’ve chosen six condiments that we sincerely hope you’ll enjoy this Canada Day. If you’re unsure about any of these products, feel free to give us a call or drop by French Lunch to chat with us. We’re open Monday to Thursday from 10 AM to 8 PM, and until 5 PM on Friday. We’re closed for Canada Day this Saturday, as we’ll be in Bronte for Oakville’s Canada Day 150 Celebration.

We look forward to helping you craft a wonderful culinary experience for yourself and loved ones this Canada Day,

French Lunch

Planning an Excellent BBQ: Dips & Spreads

Planning an Excellent BBQ: Dips & Spreads

BBQ season is here and in full swing! Love and respect your grill. Treat yourself to the gourmet experience. Allow French Lunch to turn your next barbecue party into a hit. The following list is filled with products that we know you’ll enjoy and won’t be able to get enough of. This is the first article in a four-part series on BBQ condiments.

Not a fan of BBQ? No worries. The products we mention here and throughout our BBQ articles work with many cooked meats and savoury dishes. Pizza, hot dogs, shepherd’s pie, kebabs, wings, burgers, and more!

            Bread Dipper. French Lunch has 3 different types of bread dippers for you to choose from: herbed balsamic, roasted garlic and parmesan, and sundried tomato and basil. The name bread dipper is a generic term given to any condiment you can dip grain-based foods into… like bread! Think of it as gourmet pizza dip. All 3 bread dippers contain extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oils. Dip your freshly-prepared grilled burger buns into them and take a bite! We recommend the sundried tomato and basil one. 150 ml each. Products of Canada.

           Salsa. We carry 4 types of salsa: natural, corn, fire-roasted poblano peppers & lime, and tequila blanco & chipotle. We all know what good old salsa is. It’s not just a dance, it’s a thick sauce made with tomatoes, chili peppers, spices, vegetables like onions, and herbs. Salsas go great with Mexican foods: tortillas, nachos, burritos, tacos, and so on. You can even eat them with fruits, like mangoes! 410 ml or 500 ml. Products of Canada.

            Oven-Roasted Tomato & Basil Bruschetta. The condiment bruschetta is an absolutely delicious tomato sauce adapted from the classic Italian starter bruschetta, a grilled garlic bread often topped with tomatoes, onions, basil, beans, meats, and cheese. The oven-roasted tomatoes in this bruschetta make plain bread pop with flavour. Give your BBQ gourmet flair by serving your guests grilled bruschetta bread with bruschetta sauce as an appetizer. They’re sure to be impressed. 240 g. Product of Canada.

             French Onion & Goat Cheese Dip. So good you can eat it plain. Most of the sauce’s flavour comes from the French onion base, but the goat cheese adds a creamy touch to temper the whole deal. Dip breads, pizza, and chips into it. Add it to burgers and sandwiches. Use it in the place of mustard on hot dogs. Eat it with salad. Heck, dip grilled meats into it! This dip works with virtually every food. 230 g. Product of Canada.

            Artichoke & Parmesan Dip. The bitter flavour of artichokes disappears with a blend of parmesan in this dip. This unique dip is ideal for grilled breads, vegetables (cooked or uncooked) like broccoli, chips, quiche, and even certain meat dishes like buffalo wings. The artichoke is a very Mediterranean gourmet vegetable! 230 g. Product of Canada.

            Whipped Dips. All three of our whipped dips go perfectly with finger foods. Add a dollop of each to pieces of bread, roasted vegetables, mini pizzas, mini sausage rolls and more. Goat Cheese and Red Peppers with Whipped Cream Cheese dip gives grilled foods gourmet pizzaz. Goat cheese is a staple of Mediterranean gourmet after all.

Sundried Tomato & Bacon with Whipped Cream Cheese pairs well with grilled vegetables like zucchini, alongside sliders, prosciutto breads, and bagels… in fact, all three of these dips go great with toasted bagels!

Finally, we have Maple Bacon Whipped Mustard. Sandwiches and hotdogs are among many of the best foods to pair this dip with! Don’t be afraid to try non-Western foods with these dips either. You might discover an amazing new taste!

Thanks for reading! Come back next Wednesday for our next BBQ condiments article on classic sauces like tapenade, as well as BBQ marinades, creams & more.

As always,

We look forward to feeding you!

French Lunch