Meal Preppers Unite! Exploring Our Lunch Menu

Meal Preppers Unite! Exploring Our Lunch Menu

 So, what's French Lunch about? First and foremost, we’re a healthy meal shop.

Every menu item that we cook in our kitchen or imported from Europe, is, in one word, FRESH. We've painstakingly hand-picked all of our items from a long list of European classics.

First, we look for healthy, fresh, preservative- and sodium-free ingredients. If a food item passes this test, we source it and sell it in our store.

We also look out for nostalgic, sentimental foods that you may have grown up with in France, Spain, Italy, or someplace else. To offer you even fresher, healthier and more convenient meals, we freeze the foods we cook in recyclable containers that are microwave or oven-ready.

Our specialty is the "French Lunch", which is... you guessed it, a lunch of fresh foods. But not just French foods: we throw a bit of Spanish and Italian in there too. All items come in 16 oz. or 400ml (school or office-sized) and 24 oz. or 650ml (hungry bear or share) sizes.

16 oz. is perfect for one adult or two school-aged kids. 24 oz. is great for two adults or one very hungry teenager.

If you order a starter, a main course, and a dessert together, you've ordered a French Lunch. You can also order an entire week of lunches, AKA our French Week special.

This includes 5 main courses starting at $33.50 (16 oz.). Save yourself a lot of time by ordering your lunch online. It'll be ready for pick up at our store promptly. 


Online, we offer four starters that you can pair with any main course, including baby carrots, grape tomatoes, or celery sticks with alioli dip and cheese macaroni salad.

Aioli is a Mediterranean garlic and olive oil dip. It makes eating veggies fun and tasty, especially for fussy kids.

The macaroni salad combines pasta with dried veggies, including red bell peppers and celery with yummy cheddar cheese. It's definitely healthier than boxed, sodium-rich, bland, and artificially-flavoured mac and cheese.

Other in-store starters that we'll be introducing soon include brie with crackers and grapes (everyone’s favourite!), olive oil breadsticks with coppa di parma, and red potato salad.

Main Courses

See all of our main courses here. We've got:

A quick-and-simple go-to meal, riz pilaf is stir-fried chicken thighs (skinless and boneless), with basmati rice, onions, olive oil, herbs, spices, and as little salt as we can manage. It's a nice fusion dish that combines Mediterranean and French influences into one.  
If you don't want chicken in your riz pilaf, you can have fish in it instead. We use basa fillet, a type of catfish also known as river cobbler in North America. It's rich in omega-3s and good for your heart. We also added French peas to the mix for extra fibre.  
French Lunch's crêpes are made from whole milk, whole-grain wheat, eggs, and a small sprinkling of salt. Our julienned (diced) chicken is cooked with butter, chives, cheddar cheese, and organic chicken broth. A perfect meal for one, and it only takes 3-4 minutes to reheat! 
No chicken to be found anywhere here! The crêpes paired with mushrooms are cooked with the same milk, eggs and wheat, minus the chicken stock. Instead of chicken julienne, you get julienned mushrooms with sour cream, onion, butter, chives, salt, and cheddar cheese.
Aaah, France's beloved, heavenly cordon bleu. Cordon bleu is a croquette-like schnitzel (flattened meat) covering cheese and ham. It's breaded and fried to perfection. As a side, we've added in authentic French mashed potatoes with butter and milk (no preservatives). 4-5 minutes in the microwave and voilà!
Great for kids to take to school! Here we have tiny pastries filled with tiny sausages and a side of mashed potatoes, French-style. 
Penne pasta is a famous cylindrical pasta from Italy, and this is French Lunch's take on a classic meal. We mix beef, onions, red peppers, carrots, celery, garlic, toasted wheat crumbs, Parmesan, parsley, and of course, tomatoes for a zesty taste. Mamma mia!
If you want another style of pasta and you're a fan of bacon, we also do carbonara. A popular Roman dish, we use butter, panchetta (Italian bacon), onion, cream, and pepper. Everything is done al dente for a more authentic feel.
Smack your lips together and dive right into this veal lasagna (like a particularly famous cartoon cat) made in Canada. Pureed tomatoes, mozzarella, Parmesan, onions, red peppers, carrots, celery, herbs and spices... it's a hearty meal that'll keep your stomach occupied until your next meal.
We import our quiches straight from France, and you'll love them whether you've tasted genuine French quiche or not. If not, here's your chance. Pair it with one of our starters, and you'll have a light but filling lunch.

This French-imported quiche blends zucchini, grilled eggplant, red peppers, onions, and olive oil. If you feel peckish and want some vegetables baked in cheese, definitely try it. One piece fills one person for one meal.


Dessert might just be everyone's favourite part of a meal. It's always nice to end a meal with something sweet, fruity, and/or chocolatey. For desserts, we have caramel dessert bars, chocolate dessert bars, and lemon dessert bars, if you want something similar to cake.

Or you can grab some packaged European desserts like nougat bars, a can of peach slices in syrup, dates, and apricots.

 We also sell petit fours, truffles, pecan squares, macarons, Cocomira confections, Palmier biscuits, and a lot more. Just check the pantry drop-down menu on our website.

A Real French Lunch

So there you have it, a comprehensive listing of French Lunch's starters, main courses and desserts. You can combine all three for a solid French Lunch experience — it'll be like eating in France itself.

You can even buy 5 main courses for the French Week experience. We personally recommend the cordon bleu; it's our favourite!

As always, we look forward to feeding you,

French Lunch

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  • Nina Zaitseva