We've got a blog!

We've got a blog!

Coq au vin, beef provençal, tartiflette, cordon bleu, hachis parmentier, paella. Sound familiar? Maybe not? Whatever the case, check out our blog and learn more.

We welcome chefs, food connoisseurs (and foodies), nutrition experts, parents, kids, teenagers, office workers, grandmas and grandpas, and anyone who wants to learn about traditional European cuisine (with an emphasis on the French part, of course). 

Join us as we delve into our menu in-depth, explore Canadian and European cuisine, nutrition, healthy living, and more! Don't forget to express your thoughts in the comment section of all our posts. We want to start an earnest discussion on food and food habits, and figured a blog would be the best way to do so.

French Lunch's job is to create fresh, healthy food that's convenient for you to grab and eat anywhere you go.

And what better way to do that transparently than through a blog explaining our menu choices? Stay tuned for future posts, and don't forget to subscribe to French Lunch's newsletter by scrolling down and entering your email in the box below!

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Leave a comment and tell us what you want us to write about. If it's related to food and Europe, we're down for it. 

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