Top 5 Fall Condiments

Top 5 Fall Condiments

When we think of fall, we usually think of coziness and change. In Canada, the maple tree is our iconic fall symbol. In that case, what better way to celebrate the maple tree's quintessential Canadianness than by creating a condiment list filled with maple products! Here are 5 maple condiments from the French Lunch pantry that'll have you feeling ready for fall!

1. Maple Pumpkin Butter (Wildly Delicious). This delicious butter is slow-cooked together with pure Canadian maple syrup, brown sugar, spices, and pumpkin purée to produce the perfect fall spread. Great for harvest dinners & Thanksgiving desserts. Add to French toast, muffins, tarts, brioche bread, and even crêpes, if you want to try something new!

2. Black Maple Magic Balsamic Vinegar (Wildly Delicious). A wonderfully Canadian twist on balsamic vinegar! Once again, Wildly Delicious combines 100% Canadian maple syrup with balsamic vinegar in a rich, sweet blend. There's a hint of mustard in there too, to pull it all together taste-wise. Create delicious sauces and glazes for meats, grilled vegetables, salad dressings, and marinades from maple vinegar. You can even serve it as a dessert, as dip for fresh fruits — apples, pumpkins, anything autumnal.

3. Fig, Date & Maple Cheese Fruit Spread (Duhaime Gourmet). This compote-like spread is made with whole ingredients. It's best served with half-baked or semi-cooked cheddar cheeses, but will taste great with other cheeses as well, like Camembert and brie. We sell brie bakers from Wildly Delicious for all your cheese-baking needs!


4. Quebec Maple Mustard (Wildly Delicious). The very thought of this tasty mustard makes us drool with hunger. Wildly Delicious is at it again with another amazing maple-infused product! A combination of Quebec dark maple syrup, white vinegar, sea salt, brown sugar, spices and mustard seeds, this is a rather thin mustard. Which means it's super easy to spread on sandwiches, use as chicken or salmon glaze, or sweet potato and apple glaze for a yummy fall dessert.


5. Maple Bacon Whipped Mustard (ELKI). This scrumptious condiment combines maple extract with smoky bacon for the tastiest whipped mustard combo ever. This is a great spread for breads: bagels, toast, sandwiches, hot dogs, grilled burgers, etc. You can even spread it on glazed or smoked ham for extra smoked meat goodness. Or use it as a dip for grilled vegetables and meat skewers at BBQs.

Stay comfy and warm with French Lunch this fall. Feel hungry yet? If you do, visit us at 187 Cross Avenue for 15% off all of these condiments & more.

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  • Nina Zaitseva