Introducing Penguin Pick-Ups & A Valentine's Day 2018 Special!

Introducing Penguin Pick-Ups & A Valentine's Day 2018 Special!

Feel the love from French Lunch this February. This month, we're happy to introduce a brand new delivery method for all French Lunch items! Whether you're in the mood for a frozen fresh gourmet meal, a gourmet product from your favourite brand, or a catering hot tray, platter or side dish, we can deliver your meals to several Penguin Pick-Up locations across the Greater Toronto Area.

For now, our delivery schedule is set up like this: daily delivery to Oakville locations, and deliveries twice a week to other Greater Toronto Area Penguin Pick-Up locations.

What is Penguin Pick-Up? You might have noticed the above logo at your local mall or perhaps, at some other location in your city or town. Penguin Pick-Up, owned by SmartCentres, is a free, safe, affordable, and convenient way for sellers to deliver goods to buyers who are located far away.

It's an excellent way for buyers to save on costly delivery fees, and best of all, you don't have to leave your car to get your deliveries! Just wait in your car at the Penguin Pick-Up location you registered for yourself while an employee brings your order to you. First-time buyers also report receiving freebies, like coupons.

How do you make a French Lunch Penguin Pick-Up order? It's simple. Although we've listed instructions on our delivery page, it's worth reiterating them in this blog post, too.

First, register for a Penguin Pick-Up account. It's free! Then simply load up your shopping cart at, enter your registered Penguin Pick-Up location's address as the shipping address at checkout, and sit back and relax. Penguin Pick-Up will notify you when your meals have been delivered to your registered location. Voilà! Très facile.


Are you ready for the big day? We're talking about Valentine's Day, of course! Please your significant other's palate with an exquisite gourmet French dinner for two.


  • Four bundles of haricots vert. This elegant hors d'oeuvre has a deceptively simple name, as "haricots vert" literally translates to "green beans". But what differentiates this healthy gourmet starter from its non-gourmet cousin? For one, these greens are specially bred for better flavour and tenderness. French Lunch haricots vert bundles come wrapped in scrumptious bacon, and are coated in olive oil, salt, and spices. Oven-ready in 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Mini blini with red caviar and sour cream. Caviar is the go-to gourmet staple, but the addition of blini makes the whole deal even sweeter. What's more fun than lovingly feeding your S.O. a small, stylish pancake topped with gourmet ingredients? The red caviar consists of wild chum salmon roe from Canada, and blini prepared in France.

    Main Course

    • Coq au vin (serving for two). An incredibly luxurious meal cooked by us, for you and your beloved to enjoy. A famous stew across France dating back to Caesar, coq au vin involves braising chicken in Burgundy red wine, and simmering it in a flavorful medley of bacon, button mushrooms, pearl onions, and more. Coq au vin is best enjoyed with the side dishes below. Oven-ready in 15 to 20 minutes.

      Side Dishes

      • Parisienne potatoes. Tiny raw potato balls that don't just make a meal look stunning, but make it extra tasty, too. Often paired with extravagant stews, like coq au vin, for a delicious contrast.
      • Fresh French buns. Like Parisienne potatoes, bread pairs well with coq au vin. French buns complement any hearty meal!


        • Two pink champagne jellos with strawberries. Here's a fun Valentine's Day dessert: champagne shots in succulent jello, together with strawberries in an adorable pink!

        Please place your Valentine's Day Dinner order before February 12, 2018 online or in-store. Pick up in-store, or at your registered Penguin Pick-Up location on, or after February 14, 2018. This meal is freshly-made and chilled, and is ideally served between February 14 and February 17, 2018.

        We look forward to feeding you soon,

        — French Lunch team

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